Complaint handling policy


To ensure the quality of service and give you the best experience with our products, HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD we apply a return policy in the following cases:

1. Exchange – Return due to Mistake, Missing Product
When you receive a product that does not match your order (wrong product or missing product), please respond immediately to HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD within 24 hours (from the time the order is delivered). to the requested address).
Notifying immediately when a problem is detected will help HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD conveniently check with relevant departments and promptly solve it in order to better serve you.

2. Exchange – Return defective Products due to Shipping Process
During the transportation process, there will be some risks of product breakage, packaging distortion, product signs of leakage, affecting product perception and experience.

3. Conditions of return:
HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD encourages you to check the goods right after receiving them, to ensure that the products are of the right quantity, type, design and quality as required. Notifying immediately within 24 hours of receipt of goods, helping to request Exchange / return – customer support from HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD will be quicker and more timely. Returned products must meet the following requirements:
– The product has not been used, still has its original packaging, full accessories, stamps and accompanying gifts (if any).
– Product packaging must not be dirty, broken, broken, have a strange smell or show signs of improper storage in accordance with the instructions for use.
– When you receive a product that is damaged in transit, please take a photo and give us feedback as soon as the damage is detected.
– Time for notification of Exchange/Return: 24 hours from the time of receipt of goods with returned products due to: Wrong or Missing Products and Defective Products Due to Shipping Process.

Product return shipping fee: You will not be charged any costs, including shipping costs to US for returned products due to: Wrong or Missing Products and Defective Products Due to Shipping Process.

Please refer to the steps to make Exchange – Return and follow the instructions so that HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD can support you promptly.

Returns requests that do not meet the specified Return Conditions.
Expired product return period.
Please read the user manual carefully.

Step 1. Check product return conditions
Please check the conditions of Product Return for each case:
Exchange – Return due to wrong or missing products
Exchange – Return defective products due to product shipping process
Step 2: Notify HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD
Please contact HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD via hotline: 0931076900 or email:, provide detailed information about defective products including:
Customer’s contact information
Name of product to be exchanged/returned
Reason for Exchange/Return
Need for support
Step 3: HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD confirms information from customers
After your request for Return and Exchange is accepted, HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD will send you a notice to send the product to US through a shipping partner.

Step 4: Send goods to HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD
Please carefully pack the product to be returned and sent to HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD in one of the following ways:
Deliver the parcel to the shipping partner for HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD
In case your address is outside the service area of ​​the shipping partner (shipping partner cannot come to pick up the goods directly), please bring the product to the nearest post office to send. product return.
Note: Please pack the product carefully to ensure its intact condition. HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD will not be responsible and regrets to reject products damaged due to poor packaging errors from you.

Step 5: Time and response from HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD
After receiving the products you send back, HEBE GROUP CO.,LTD will respond and update the Exchange/Return information, the time to perform each processing stage to you.